July 20 Devotional

Paul and Silas were put in prison for preaching the Gospel in the city of Philippi.  They decided to rejoice rather than complain, and they were singing at midnight in the deepest part of the prison.  While they were singing, God decided to free them, and He shook the entire prison.  Their chains fell off … but they did not run to escape.  The guard who knew that he would certainly be killed because of the escape of his prisoners was ready to kill himself.  Paul quickly told him that all were still there.  The guard had not expected that, and noticed that something was very different about these men.  He asked what he needed to do to have the salvation these prisoners had.  Paul explained about salvation, and this man and his family trusted Christ.


This is a great story in our Bible, but there was one part of a verse that really touched my heart this morning.  “And when he had brought them into his house, he set meal before them, and rejoiced, believing in God with all his house” (Acts 16:34).  Not only did Paul and Silas affect the guard, but also “all his house.”  What a blessing to see a whole family come to Christ!


Many years ago I was teaching a young couples Sunday School class.  After teaching about having a burden for your entire family, one of the couples approached me.  The wife was crying and told me that her parents were not saved, and that they had become very militant against the Gospel.  She then asked if I would go to visit them and try to tell them about Christ.  That Tuesday night I went with a friend who happened to be a State Police officer.  This friend flew a medevac helicopter for the State Police, going to rescue accident victims.


When we entered the house, we were expecting to face fierce opposition.  When met the father of this family, he looked at my friend and recognized him as the pilot of the helicopter that came to get a car accident victim just outside his home.  He was so impressed with my friend’s skills and actions that he was wide open to us sharing the Gospel.  That man, his wife, his son, and two of his daughters trusted Christ!  Later, I preached that same man’s funeral service, and over forty-five people trusted Christ!  What a blessing to see an entire family influenced by the Gospel!  What a thrill to see a father with a burden for his family to be saved!  What a joy to see an entire family headed to Heaven!  Tell your family about Jesus today.

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