July 2 Devotional

My wife and I had the wonderful privilege to take a trip to Israel some years ago.  One of the questions we heard often was, “How was your guide?”  Little did we know before we left how important the guide is to a successful trip.  We happened to have a wonderful guide, who knew more about the history of our Bible than we did.  He had knowledge upon knowledge about the events that were described in our Bibles.  We were like two sponges trying to soak up all the information he was passing along as we drove in and around Israel.  The pages of our Bibles were coming alive to us as we had not experienced before.  We felt as though we were back in Bible College again, learning upon learning.   There was only one problem with our guide … he did not know our Savior.  With all the knowledge he had gained, he had missed getting to know the God of the Bible.  The psalmist explained it so clearly when he wrote, “For this God is our God forever and ever: He will be our guide even unto death” (Psalm 48:14).  As wonderful as our guide in Israel was (and he was absolutely incredible), he cannot guide me unto death.  I am so thankful for a God … “our God” … to lead me today and every day until I die physically.  At that point, I am going to see my Guide face to face!  I will live with Him forever because He was the One Who paid my debt for sin!  He is the One Who sent the Redeemer for my soul!  His Son is the One Who shed His blood on the cross to pay off my sin debt!   I not only know this Guide as my Savior, but I know Him as my constant, every day companion.  You see, when I open my Bible in the morning to read, I hear His voice through the words on the pages I read.  I am thrilled to write this devotional for you, but may I encourage you not to depend on me for your walk with God.  Get into His Word on your own, and listen for His loud and clear voice to you.  He will obviously guide you and give instruction that will help you walk worthy in this world today.  What a great thing to know the God of eternity personally!  Don’t take it lightly.  The purpose of life is not to know the Bible in some “academic” way, but to get to know your Guide as intimately as possible.  The beautiful thing is that where most guides in life are looking to stay away from getting personal with those they are guiding; your Heavenly Father wants an intimate relationship with you.  Walk with Him today and listen for His clear instruction for your path.   “Be still and know peace – be busy and know panic.” – Ted Camp

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