July 17 Devotional

Have you ever gotten news that was so exciting that you could not hold it to yourself?  I’m talking about news like the birth of a new baby into your family; or news of your favorite team winning the championship; or news of a promotion at work; or news of a release from the hospital.  Any of these things would be cause for rejoicing, but none can compare to the news that forgiveness of sin has come to mankind.  If that news is so great, why is it that we hesitate in telling others about it?


The Bible tells us that the first missionaries on this earth (Barnabas and Paul) did just that.  “And the word of the Lord was published throughout all the region” (Acts 13:49).  You know, sometimes the simplest things have the most profound impact on us.  God has not asked us to all have earned doctorate degrees before we begin to serve Him.  He has not asked us to develop a master plan of learning all the great doctrinal truths of the Bible before we witness to our neighbors.  He has not asked us to gain tremendous amounts of experience before venturing into the world to tell others of the forgiveness that He has given us.  He has not asked us to become professional presenters.


He has told us that after the Holy Ghost is come upon us that we will become witnesses.  The Bible clearly teaches that you receive the Holy Ghost (Spirit) at the moment you sincerely trust Christ as your Savior.  That means that you are equipped to be a witness from the time you are born into the family of God, until you step across that eternal threshold and enter Heaven.  Paul and Barnabas did not have any missionary training classes.  They had not completed a Bible College degree program of any kind.  They had not been completely indoctrinated by any group of men on the philosophies of cross-cultural ministry.  They were simply separated from the others by the Holy Spirit and sent out.


They “published,” or carried the message that had saved them to those who had never heard.  They did not stop in Jerusalem, or Judea, but took the message to the regions beyond.  Are you involved in taking the message of God to the regions beyond?  Are you carrying that message to those who have never heard?  If not, what are you waiting for?  You don’t need any special qualifications to be involved in publishing the good news of the Gospel, but you do need to get off your comfortable seat and go out to those who have never heard.


Don’t curse the darkness – Light a candle.” – Unknown

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