July 15 Devotional

There is a simple verse that I hear quoted often, but rarely followed.  “A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger” (Proverbs 15:1).  How true this verse is!  I have spent time with very loud people that thought they were getting more of my attention because of the level of their voice.  The reality is that as soon as I hear that level of voice, I seem to automatically turn that voice off in my mind.  However, I have noticed that when a person speaks softly, my mind perks up to catch every word that is being spoken.


As always, the Bible is so absolutely true.  I will be very honest with you; I have a hard time with being under control and having this “soft answer” sometimes.  We are living in a society of “loud-mouths.”  We are witnessing people who think that because they have a bull-horn and are standing on a corner yelling out insults, or challenges, that everyone is automatically listening to them.  The truth is that we rarely give attention to that which is spoken from a yelling, or loud voice.  We more often will give attention to that quiet voice.


Just ask Elijah … God was trying to get the attention of Elijah.  A strong wind with all its whistling and roaring passed by Elijah … but God’s voice was not there.  An earthquake with its rumbling and rolling shook the ground … but God’s voice was not there.  A fire appeared with all the crackling sounds and the roar of the wind pushing the fire higher … but God’s voice was not there.  Finally, after the wind, earthquake and fire, there was a “still small voice” … and God spoke loud and clear.  Just as God spoke to Elijah, He speaks to us … with a “still small voice.


Let me ask a simple question; if God used a “still small voice,” what makes you think that a loud voice is better for you to communicate?  I want to encourage you today to speak up for God.  I want to encourage you to speak up for God with a “soft answer.”  We Christians have been fooled into thinking that if we are to be heard, we need to be loud and obnoxious!  The reality is that our Bible has held the key all along to being heard in this world.  Use that soft answer to confound the foolishness of the world today.  Don’t worry that there are many very loud voices opposing the Word of God today.  Just continue to give out that soft answer, and it will turn aside the wrath that is being spewed out today.  Be ready to give an answer … but do it with a soft answer!

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