July 14 Devotional

Let all those that seek Thee rejoice and be glad in Thee: and let such as love Thy salvation say continually, ‘Let God be magnified’” (Psalm 70:4).


That word “magnify” has the idea of making something large.  It also means to boast, or to increase.  The ultimate goal of every Christian should be to make our God as large as possible in our lives.  We ought to talk (boast) about Him.  We ought to try to increase Him wherever we go in this life.  This is a great challenge to a people who love to magnify themselves.  I know that we will say that we do not want that.  The reality is that ever since Adam and Eve fell into sin, mankind has been pushing God off the main stage of our lives, and replacing Him with our desires and plans.


Today try to find ways to let this world know that we have a God we are pleased to know.  How can we “magnify” our God today?  One way is to let people know the great things God has done for you.  It has always disappointed me at how easily I can speak to complete strangers about the baseball or football team that I like, but I seem to hesitate to talk about God.  This should not be true of a Christian that is truly committed to their God.  I want to be a good and active spokesperson for my God today.


The second thing I can do to magnify my God today is to give a place of importance to His Word in my life.  I don’t want to give a higher priority to the local newspaper, or to ESPN, or to any other thing this world might produce than I give to the precious Word of God.  The Bible has been called the “Book of the Ages.”  That is not in question today … it certainly is the Book that has eternal truths contained in it.  The real question is whether or not I will give it the place of priority in my life.  If I will set it’s truths as my compass for living, I am magnifying God.  If I choose my thoughts over His thoughts, I am magnifying myself.


The last way I can magnify God in my life is to share the news of how to go to Heaven with as many people as I can.  God is interested in men trusting His Son as Savior.  Therefore, if I am telling people about His Son, I am magnifying God.  If I am not telling others about Christ, I am minimizing my God.


Think about making God big today in your behavior, speech and attitudes.  The world is in great need of seeing an obvious picture of our God.  Today make it your goal to make God large in your life.