July 12 Devotional

We were in a Deaf Camp in Ukraine last week in Simferopol.  I was staying in a room with three other men who were from America.  One of the men was the missionary we were helping who has a Deaf Church there.  We were lying in bed on the second night, getting ready to go to sleep when our door opened and a ten-year-old Deaf boy stepped into our room.  He stepped in, gave a greeting to all, and stepped back out again.  We laughed and kept on fellowshipping.  About five minutes later, our door opened again, and the same boy stepped into our room.  He had a Gideon New Testament in Russian language with him.  He then proceeded to read Galatians 1:1-3 to us and preach a little message, complete with a closing prayer.  It was a blessing to all of us, but we decided that if we wanted to sleep at all we better lock our door.


In the book of Acts there is the wonderful story of how God directed the steps of apostles to different people groups.  One that surprised them all was when God directed Peter to the home of the Gentile, Cornelius.  The Jews thought that the Gentiles were beyond the grace of God.  Much like we determine that certain religious groups or people groups today are beyond reaching for Christ.  However, God made this statement loud and clear to for us to understand His heartbeat.  “But in every nation he that feareth Him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with Him” (Acts 10:35).  When I read these words today, my heart rejoiced that I am a part of that “every nation,” and so is everyone that I will meet today and for the rest of my life.  I’m so glad that my God has left the door open for “whosoever” to come in!  He has not locked the door, but encouraged us to go into all the world and preach the gospel.  He has commanded us to take the Gospel to the uttermost part of the earth.   He has told us to ask Him for the heathen for an inheritance and told us that He would give them to us for an inheritance!  You see, God is really not a respecter of persons!  He really does love everyone!  He desires that everyone we meet would know Him personally and trust Him as Savior!  What about you?  Do you have that same burden for lost souls?  I don’t think any of us could … but do you have that desire for lost family members?  Remember, God made each of us in His image.  He loves us like His own children.  We are the ones who walked away from Him.  Praise God; the door is still open for all to come in!

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