July 1 Devotional

I was reading today and saw a phrase that caught my attention.  Joseph, the son of Jacob had been sold into slavery and cast into prison because of the false accusations of Potiphar’s wife.  While there, he was placed in charge of a part of the prison, specifically to the care of two men who had served in the presence of Pharaoh, but were now in prison.  One day, as Joseph approached these two men he noticed something, and asked a question: “And he asked Pharaoh’s officers that were with him in the ward of the lord’s house, saying, ‘Wherefore look ye so sadly today’” (Genesis 40:7)?


The reason this phrase touched my heart is that I believe I rush through life too much.  I wonder how many sad expressions I have simply ignored, or did not care to give the time to in my life?  I wonder how many people could have been touched for the Lord if I had been more sensitive to the prompting of the Holy Spirit in my daily course of life?  I am always touched when I read about Jesus sitting on a hillside overlooking Jerusalem, weeping because they refused to believe in Him as Messiah.


How often is my heart stirred without my body responding?  Are there times when a message is preached and I am convicted, but continue to stand, singing the invitation song watching others respond?  Are there people that God has placed in my pathway for me to reach out to that I simply ignore, or worse, do not even recognize?  I don’t want to get to the place that my eyes are so buried in my own interests that I miss the people God has placed along my path to touch.  I don’t want to allow conflicts between me and brothers and sisters in Christ to go unresolved.  I want to ask for forgiveness quickly and completely.  I want to restore broken relationships.  I want to walk in a godly fashion before the world and other believers.  I don’t want to waste a moment, or an opportunity that God will place before me to represent Him in the sin-cursed world.


I have noticed that we believers love to complain about this world we are living in, and in many cases justly so.  However, God did not place us in this world to fit it, but to make a divine difference in the lives of others as we reach out to those He would reach out to.  Joseph noticed the sad faces on these two men, and did something about it.  What about you and me today?  Will we take the time to stop and help … or will we plow right on through life, not making a difference?  Stop and help today!

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