February 13 Devotional

Being a kid is a great thing.  You get to do all the things that people do before they become mature and dignified.  I remember on day peeling an orange and looking at the bright orange skin, thinking to myself; “I bet that bright orange skin would taste good.”  I then proceeded to bite off a pretty large piece of that orange peel.  Just in case none of you have ever experienced the sensations that attack your mouth when eating an orange peel, I will just tell you this … what is inside that orange peel is much sweeter than what is on the outside.


The same thing is true of you.  What is inside you is far more important the shell that everyone sees.  You can dress up … comb all your hairs … brush your teeth … put on deodorant … pluck those unruly eyebrows … put lip-stick on … and a bunch of other things I have no idea about.  The reality is that what is inside you is far more important than all that “’paint” on the outside of the old barn.


When Israel was in the middle of captivity, God the Holy Spirit inspired the Old Testament prophet, Zechariah to pen these words: “And many nations shall be joined to the LORD in that day, and shall be My people: and I will dwell in the midst of thee, and thou shalt know that the LORD of hosts hath sent me unto thee” (Zechariah 2:11).  What great hope for Israel … what great hope for us today!  As you wallow through this life, failing often, succeeding infrequently, be encouraged that there is hope!  The challenge for each believer today is to empty yourself of all those things you think are so attractive, and allow the Spirit of God to be seen in what you say, do, and think.


I am so encouraged to think that the God of the universe has seen enough value in me to allow the Holy Spirit to indwell me.  I am such a pitiful testimony many days of my life, but I know if I will just allow the Holy Spirit to have His way in my life, He will show this world the answer to the cries of their heart!  God’s plan has always been to reach “many nations” through His indwelling His people!  The Holy Spirit of God is in reality “in the midst of thee” today.  The question is … have covered His presence with our greed, our selfish desires, our hatred/prejudices, our plans and dreams, our dreams for the future, our _________?  This hurting world needs to see the fruit produced by a spirit-filled life.  Can they see God’s work in the midst of you today?  Let His light shine out of you today!


The only thing God is interested in is people.” – Jerry Falwell