December 2 Devotional

I said, ‘I will take heed to my ways, that I sin not with my tongue: I will keep my mouth with a bridle, while the wicked is before me” (Psalm 39:1).


I do not think we understand how important our testimony is before those who are without Jesus.  I have heard all my life that the greatest witnessing tool we have is our own personal testimony.  Here the psalmist makes it clear that the things we do … the words we speak have a powerful impact on the “wicked” that are in front of us.  Today is a new day, with new opportunities, and new challenges.  Will you demonstrate godliness before the ungodly today that will impact their lives for Christ?


When I was in Jr. and Sr. High school, I had one guy who was my “best-friend.”  Truthfully, he was like a brother to me.  He spent a great deal of time at my house, and I spent a good bit of time at his house.  We were together almost every day of our lives from the ninth grade on.  My best-friend was not saved.  I remember being so burdened for him that I felt compelled to witness to him at every opportunity.  We reached a point that he told me he had heard enough about salvation and Christ from me.  He told me that he knew what I believed, and that he did not want to hear any more.  I began to pray for him at that point (honoring his wishes, I did not “push” him anymore).


After two years of praying for my friend, I invited him to a concert; he came.  There the Gospel was presented and my best-friend became my brother in Christ.  He was saved and his life style radically changed.  I asked him later what was different that night from all the other times I had told him about the Gospel.  I asked him what made him decide that night to trust Christ when he resisted before.  His answer was simple … “I knew the truth before, but when I saw that many people who were so sold out to the Gospel in one place, I knew it was true.”  Praise God for the power of a testimony.


Be careful not to miss an important part of this verse today.  Use your testimony today for the honor and glory of God, but make sure what comes out of your mouth matches the way you live.  As powerful as a testimony can be to an unsaved person; if your preaching does not match your practice, you are hurting the testimony of Christ.  Your walk and your talk need to match for the power of God to be evident in your testimony.  My best-friend became one of the greatest witnesses in our High School after his salvation.  The reason was that his walk drastically changed, and others were interested to hear why.  Speak up today and live right!