Getting to the Heart of Deaf Bible Study

There are many good churches with Deaf that are attending, but they have limited access to Deaf leadership for weekly Bible Study. The goal of this program is not to replace local church Deaf workers, but to offer Deaf Bible Study to these churches with interpreters, but no qualified Deaf leaders.

We are planning to offer Bible preaching/teaching time for the Deaf in these churches that have Deaf coming, but no Deaf leaders over the internet. Using the technology that is available to us today, we will be filming Bible preaching/teaching weekly at the same time. Churches that wish to have a part of this ministry will be invited to join the meeting at a specified time each week, and will be active participants in the meetings via the internet.

Each participating church will be required to join the meeting on-line at a specified time. Each satellite location will be able to participate by asking questions and offering input live. Each church will be responsible to have their own equipment and technology to hook in to the meetings on their own.

We will attempt to archive each of these classes so that if there is difficulty connecting to the live meeting, they will be able to watch the classes (without the ability to participate with questions and comments as they would if they were live) at their leisure.

The virtual Bible Study is make possible by Google Plus  Hangouts. In order to participate you will need a computer with a microphone and camera, plus a Google Plus account. For more information about the online Bible Study, please contact us.

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