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February 19 Devotional

We traveled to Israel in 1996 for a ten-day tour of that area.  It was one of the most incredible times I have had in my life.  To be in the area where our Bible was written and in the places it was written about was really exciting.  I remember one day traveling to the […]

February 18 Devotional

“A fool hath no delight in understanding, but that his heart may discover itself” (Proverbs 18:2).   I have noticed that human beings are almost always convinced that their way is the best way.  When we believe that we are always (or almost always) right, we then tend not to search for truth, but simply […]

February 17 Devotional

In a time when nothing seems to be stable and dependable, I am thankful that God is God.  I am grateful that regardless of how my health is … God is still God.  I am thankful that whether the value of the dollar goes up or down … God is still God!  I am relieved […]

February 16 Devotional

In my opinion, some of the saddest verses in the entire Bible are found in the book of Jonah.  From the point where God clearly directed Jonah to go to Nineveh and he headed in the opposite direction … to the great fish swallowing him and Jonah describing his surroundings as hell … to being […]

February 15 Devotional

“Life is tough.”  “There are traps and “pit-falls” everywhere I turn.”  “The challenges I will face today will be far more than I can handle.”  “Where do I turn when I am faced with a fork in the road?”  “I don’t have the strength or wisdom for the problems I am going to face today.” […]

February 14 Devotional

Today is Valentine’s Day … a day many have said was invented by Hallmark® as a way to sell more cards.  You can think what you will, but I know it is a day no husband should ever miss.  Not so much because of the consequences that come when you miss, but because telling the […]

February 13 Devotional

Being a kid is a great thing.  You get to do all the things that people do before they become mature and dignified.  I remember on day peeling an orange and looking at the bright orange skin, thinking to myself; “I bet that bright orange skin would taste good.”  I then proceeded to bite off […]

February 12 Devotional

“The slothful man roasteth not that which he took in hunting: but the substance of the diligent man is precious” (Proverbs 12:27).  My father always told me when I was growing up, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.”  What he was placing into my character was the idea that whatever I put my […]

February 11 Devotional

On January 23rd, 2011 one of our daughters lost a dear little baby boy named Joseph David at just two days short of her third month of the pregnancy.  On that very day, I read Psalm 71 and just “happened” to read these two verses: “For Thou art my hope, O Lord God; Thou art […]

February 10 Devotional

Pilate asked Jesus, “What is truth” (John 18:38)?  There are multitudes of people that are asking that same question in our world today.  I remember reading a bumper sticker years ago that simply said, “Challenge authority.”  While the thought of challenging an authority that has gone wrong sounds good, I think people have carried that […]