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September 11 Devotional

Cancer in an eye … an accident that causes paralysis … an arrest … these are all things that none of us would want in our life.  However, in the life of Ron Hamilton (Patch the Pirate), cancer in his eye opened an entire world of ministry that has carried his music around the world.  […]

September 10 Devotional

I hate to admit this, but I find it very easy to worry about what is coming that I cannot see.  When I am preparing for a trip somewhere, I can imagine the worst things happening rather than the good.  When I was playing sports, I always imagined my opponent to be far better than […]

September 9 Devotional

I remember driving into the city of Baltimore to make a hospital visit when we lived in Maryland.  I did not know the area very well, and this was a time before GPS’s when you actually had to be able to read a map.  I was thrilled that I driven directly to the hospital without […]

September 8 Devotional

There are certain foods that you eat that cause you comfort.  For each of us, these foods might differ.  You can give me butter covered noodles and a good piece of roast beef and I will be ready to take a nap!  You might like jalapeno peppers and peperoni pizza for your comfort food.  The […]

September 7 Devotional

I was sitting in a tenth grade History class in my school when confronted with an issue that was in the news at that time, but was also addressed in the Bible very clearly.  I remember raising my hand and voicing my opinion on the issue (in the best way a tenth grade guy can).  […]

September 5 Devotional

When we were kids we played a game we called, “King of the hill.”  It was really not that difficult to understand the rules for the game at all.  One guy stood at the top of a hill and all the other guys tried to replace him on the top of the hill.  Being one […]

September 4 Devotional

Just before I was born, a so-called expert came on the scene to tell parents how to raise their children.  Dr. Benjamin Spock wrote a book called “Baby and Child Care.”  It became the standard many parents lived by in raising their children.  I’m very thankful that my parents did not buy a copy.  The […]

September 3 Devotional

How much of our time is spent trying to impress other people with our intelligence, our skill, our wisdom, our experience, or how much money we have?  The answer is, too much time!  As a believer, we should do all we can to lift our God up, and to put ourselves out of the picture.  […]

September 2 Devotional

“Blessed are they that keep His testimonies and that seek Him with the whole heart” (Psalm 119:2).  There are many people today, Christians, who are willing to follow God’s plan as long as that plan fits into their pre-determined plan.  I find that we have become far too bossy with God when it comes to […]

September 1 Devotional

I remember being in Jerusalem and seeing the famous “Wailing Wall,” or the western wall of the temple in Jerusalem.  We were able to go through a tunnel that follows that western wall underground.  Of course, it would have been ground level during the days of Jesus, but there have been many streets and building […]