August 5 Devotional

But Thou, LORD, art most high forevermore” (Psalm 92:8).


As each of us struggles through life, trying to live in a holy manner for our God, there are going to be times that we feel totally overwhelmed with the goal, and we will feel as though there is no hope.  As we struggle through life and face opposition to the cause of Jesus Christ, we will feel as though everyone is against us, and there is no hope.  As we struggle through battles within our own heart to live right before God, and we fail and fail and fail and fail, we are going to be tempted to believe that there is no hope for victory.


Psalm 92:8 gives us hope in every one of the situations that I mentioned above.  God is the One Who is most high … and He will be forever and ever!  We have hope in maintaining a proper relationship with this wonderful God.  This is a theme I have repeatedly written about in different devotions, but that is because it is a theme throughout the entire Bible.  I guess God knew that we would need the encouragement repeatedly.


I am thankful for this verse today.  I am thankful that my God is always going to be seated in the position of control in this world.  During a time where it seems that our world is spinning out of control, it is wonderful to know that we have a God Who is still the “most high,” and will always be the “most high.”  When it seems that all the voices being lifted high today are saying that there is no God … remember this verse.  When you feel like the last remaining dinosaur that still believes and stands for the Bible … remember this verse.  When those who consider you an enemy far outnumber those who call you their friend … remember this verse.  When you open your Bible in desperate need of some help … remember this verse.


Our God is the most high God … and He will be in control forever!  Don’t lose hope today … just look to Him!  Trust and obey today!


When God says, ‘Stop’ and you continue – you will be in the flesh.  When God says, ‘Start’ and you hesitate – you will be in doubt.” – Unknown