August 31 Devotion

“Trust me …”  Have you ever heard those words and had an immediate question mark rise up in your brain?  I have heard some people say that to me and I had my doubts.  I remember going to buy a car one time.  Let me say early in this story, not all car salespeople are bad.  I went with a friend of mine named Nate.  Nate had found a newspaper advertisement for a brand new mini-van.  I was looking for a used van because I did not think I could afford a new one.  As we arrived at the lot, we asked to see their “used” vans.  The prices were higher on the used vans than on the one in the advertisement Nate found.  When he asked the salesman about the van, the salesman read the fine print.  There was a very small number at the bottom of the advertisement.  The salesmen told us that van was there and that we could buy it.  There was a slight trick to the advertisement.  The car lot sold only that one specific van for the reduced price, but it made it look like they had 100 of those vans for sale at that price.  That tiny number spoke of that one van.


I have found over the years that trusting a man can lead to those kinds of troubles.  Catch this verse today: “God is faithful, by Who ye were called unto the fellowship of His Son Jesus Christ our Lord” (I Corinthians 1:9).  Those first three words are enough!  You could read those, close the book and have a great day believing that alone!  I will tell you that mankind has been trying to fool God and you ever since Cain offered that sacrifice of vegetables instead of a lamb.  There is one thing you can be sure of … as unfaithful as men can be, God is absolutely faithful!  What great news!  What does that mean to us today?  Every promise that is in your Bible, will come true!  God’s faithfulness demands that He will do what He has promised to do!


As you go through your day today and see the unfaithfulness of men/women around you, take heart … God is not like them.  God will be faithful today and in the future as He has been faithful in the past.  Remember His feeding all the nation of Israel every day for forty years while they wandered in the wilderness?  He can provide for you today.  Remember the fire that came down when Elijah trusted Him?  That same power is ready for you today.  Remember when Jesus healed the blind/deaf/crippled and raised the dead?  He is still the same God today that He was then.  I am trying to tell you that God is still faithful today and will be the God you need Him to be all day!


Be aware of your human limits and His holy ‘unlimitations.’” – Ted Camp

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