August 21 Devotional

I remember taking a Literature course while in college.  At the beginning of the class, our teacher explained that there would be differing points of view in the class, and that if we could prove our point of view that she would not consider our viewpoint as wrong.  This got my creative juices flowing.  The last half of our semester, we all read a story about a doctor and a situation he face.  The final exam was a two question exam … who was the main character, and why.  I decided to take the least likely person in the story and try to build a case for them being the main character.  The obvious main character was the doctor.  The entire story revolved around him … but I chose his father-in-law (mentioned only briefly in the story).  I think explained that this father-in-law had a great influence on his daughter, and that she had the greatest influence on the doctor.  I got an A+ (I think it was the first and last of my life).


Today I read a verse that reminded me that I am not the main character in my life’s story.  Paul wrote, “So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that showeth mercy” (Romans 9:16).  So many times in our everyday lives, we elevate ourselves to the position of the main character.  There are many times that we think that the entire world revolves around us and our opinions, or it should!  We get the idea that our problems are the biggest problems on the face of the earth.  We imagine that the things we see as right and wrong are the same as what others see as right and wrong.  We cannot understand why others don’t see our situation and have mercy on us!


The Bible clearly states here that all the mercy we will need for this day is in the hand and control of our Heavenly Father!  He really does know you and what you need.  He is totally aware of what you will face today and He has all the mercy you are going to need for the challenge.  You see, He is the main character of any story.  We are simply the “character actors” that surround His story.  We have value because He loves us!  We have value because He cares for us!  Take heart today … you are worthy of the love of God!  Let’s do our very best to make Him clearly known to the world we live in.  They need to know the Main Character of the story of life too.  Don’t become so self-centered today that you miss exalting the One Who deserves all the praise of every person in this world!  He is worthy!


Do all you can – to all the people you can – in all the ways you can – for as long as you can.” – D.L. Moody

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