August 19 Devotional

Have you ever felt that God had forgotten you?  Have you felt like you were doing your best to live a godly life in an ungodly world, but you seem to be the one who gets the bad luck?  Have you noticed other Christians who do not even seem to care about living godly getting noticed or promoted while you seem to be over-looked and forgotten?  Life just isn’t fair … but God is always fair!  What you cannot see is that God is working His plan for your life, and for His good to perfection.


I was reading about the history of Israel described through Psalm 105.  A verse caught my attention that speaks to this very subject.  “He [God] sent a man before them, even Joseph, who was sold for a servant” (Psalm 105:17).  God had a plan for Israel that involved one of His chosen servants becoming a slave, and even worse, a prisoner.  I’m sure that when Jacob (Joseph’s father) envisioned the great things that would happen to his son, prison was not in the dream.  I am sure that when Potiphar’s wife accused Joseph of raping her, I think Joseph might have thought that God had forgotten him.


We know the rest of Joseph’s story … we know that God had not forgotten him, but was actually positioning him for greatness beyond his imagination.  Looking deeper into this verse will reveal the way God might be working in your life.  It says here that God “sent” Joseph to the position of a slave.  If Joseph was still with his family in Goshen, he would never have met Potiphar.  If he had not met Potiphar and been such a good worker, he would never have been left alone with Potiphar’s wife.  If he had not been alone with Potiphar’s wife, he would never have been accused of the crime that sent him to prison.  If he had not been sent to prison he would never have met Pharaoh’s butler and baker.  I think you get the idea.  God hand-picked Joseph to be in the exact places he found himself in order to carry out His plan for him and for the nation of Israel.


Regardless of the challenges that are facing you today, you can be sure that God has not forgotten you.  You can be sure that He is working out His plan for your good and for His glory!  You might not be able to see the end of the plan, but you can be sure that what you are going through is a part of His plan.  Nothing can happen to you today without having gotten God’s stamp of approval first.  Don’t allow yourself to focus so intently on the situations you are facing that you forget you have a God with an eternal perspective who is working things together for your good!


No problem is permanent.” – Unknown

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