August 15 Devotional

There was an old saying about a person who was trying to get away with something they were not supposed to be doing.  We used to say that they were trying to “Sneak in the back door.”  This implied that the action they were doing was either illegal, or unethical, or something they knew was not going to be accepted.  The opposite of that saying was also true.  When it was said of a person, “He/She walked through the front door …” it implied that they were not ashamed and were very bold to stand for what they believed.  These folks were not afraid of rejection.


Did you know that God made a wonderful way for you to do that very thing as it regards Heaven?  “Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ: By Whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God” (Romans 5:1-2).  When you have received Jesus Christ as your payment for sin, you don’t need to invent some sneaky way to slip into the gates of Heaven … you can walk through the front door!  We will not walk through that front door with our chests puffed out in pride, but with a lowliness of mind and heart, realizing we did nothing to deserve that opportunity.  We will know it was completely by faith in Christ that we have come there.


The Bible says we are “justified by faith.”  This word, “justify,” does not mean that it is “just as if I never sinned.”  Many have said this because it is easy to remember, but does not give the depth of what that term means to the believer.  The word means that God knew all of our sin (every one); it means that as a righteous Judge, He accepted the death of Jesus, and placed His blood on our account.  Thereby declaring an ungodly, undeserving sinner like us completely forgiven (made just), in the death, burial and resurrection power of His Son!  Now I’m sorry, but that’s good stuff!


I thank God today that I am completely justified in the sight of God, even though I still battle sin in my life on a daily basis!  I am complete in Jesus Christ!  I have no need to cross my fingers, hoping I will someday “earn” a way into Heaven.  I will not trust my good works; my church membership; taking communion; my baptism!  No!  I will trust Jesus Christ (His death … His burial … and His resurrection) alone to save me and give me a home in Heaven.  When I come to the gates of Heaven, Jesus will be walking with me.  We will go in the front door!


Jesus alone …” – Unknown

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