August 14 Devotional

And being fully persuaded that, what He had promised, He was able also to perform” (Romans 4:21).  What a great confidence we can have in our God to do exactly what He promised He would do!  Abraham and Sarah were promised a son.  Old age had seemingly overtaken the natural ability to have a child.  Sarah was ninety, and Abraham was older than her.  Praise God, He is not limited to nature.  Our God made nature.  Abraham had two choices at this point in his life.  He could either doubt God’s ability to do the impossible, or he could demonstrate simple faith and trust Him.


You have these same two choices today.  Will you doubt God’s promises, or stand firmly on them (regardless of how foolish it may seem).  The world we are living in (and even most Christians) will try to talk you out of standing by faith.  Your choice today is just as clear as Abraham’s was.  There is no middle ground in this area of your Christian life.  I know that it seems crazy to think it … but God really is able to do all that He promised He will do.


The real question is not whether or not God can do what He promised, but whether or not we will trust Him today.  The words, “fully persuaded” mean to carry through to the end, to accomplish it.  Make no mistake; God is going to do exactly what He said He would do!  There will be no loose ends with God’s plan.  He will do exactly what He said He would do.  Let’s make it personal for you.  If God touched your heart for a certain ministry, He will provide all the things necessary for you to accomplish that ministry!  He will give you all the tools; He will provide all the supplies necessary; He will give you all the education you need; and He will bring about the end result.


The key to all this is for us to remain fully persuaded that He can and will do it.  The key is for us to completely (100%) trust Him to do what He promised He will do.  Don’t waste time debating something you know God wants you to do.  Don’t hesitate for even a split second when God makes His will known to you.  Don’t ask for the opinions of others; don’t seek outside counsel; don’t make a list of “pro’s” and “cons.”  Step out by faith and do what God has touched your heart to do!  Hesitation at that point becomes disobedience!  Follow Him … He will never fail you!  Know His will … He wants to reveal it to you, if you will seek Him.  Sell out 100% to Him, and follow the path He has for your life!


Faith is stronger than fear.” – Unknown