August 13 Devotional

I remember years ago when I was a young teenager.  Our family went on vacation to a Bible Conference for a week.  I was more concerned about the pool and different games that we could play.  As usual, my Mom forced me to take my trumpet along so I would not miss that week of practice (can you believe that?).  One of the first days we were there, we passed the large tabernacle where the evening meetings were held, and we heard a man playing the trumpet … he was really good.  My Mom turned to me and said, “You should ask him if you can play with him sometime.”  I thought my mom had lost it!  This guy was really good, and I was struggling to stay in the band at that point.


Little did I know, but my mother went to meet this man and asked if I could play with him.  He told her to have me show up the next day when he was practicing.  With knees knocking one against another, I walked into that auditorium with my “Olds Special” trumpet and introduced myself.  We played some together and to my shock and surprise, he asked me to play the offertory with him that night in the meeting.  I ended up playing every night that week!  I was amazed that he had chosen me!


Today I read, “There is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God” (Romans 3:11).  What an incredible thought … I did not seek to find God; He came after me, pursuing me to join His family!  This is such an amazing thought that we ought to stop once-in-awhile and thank Him for coming to our rescue.  There is not one person reading this devotional today that decided one day to pursue God!  Not one of us decided that we would like to know Him!  He is the One Who decided that He would love us … even when we were completely unlovely, and undesirable.  He came for me and for you to save us!


The old song says, “I was lost in sin, but Jesus took me in.  He’s a wonderful Savior to me!”  I agree!  I am so thankful today that while I was still in my sin … going the opposite direction from righteousness, that God chased me down and saved my soul!  I had nothing to do with it!  It was and is all about Him! Because of that, I have nothing to do with keeping my salvation secure.  That is all about Him too!  I am so thankful today that He saved me, and that He keeps me saved!  I could not do either on my own.  I need Him so much, and so often.  I’m thankful that He is my Friend that sticks closer than a brother!

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