August 12 Devotional

The LORD hath made known His salvation: His righteousness hath He openly showed in the sight of the heathen” (Psalm 98:2).


When you hear someone say that God is not right to send people to Hell, remember this verse.  God has not sent one person to Hell in the entire history of the world.  Every man/woman that has gone to Hell has done so by their own choice, not by God’s.  His heart is that the whole world would be in Heaven.  The Bible says over and over again that God is not interested in seeing people go to Hell.


If you don’t believe me, ask Jonah.  Jonah had no desire to see anyone from the nation of Nineveh go to Heaven.  He thought they all deserved to burn in Hell for their response to God and His people.  You may have similar feelings to a person, or a group of people today.  If you do … you are not in agreement with God!  From this verse in the book of Psalms, you can see that God wants everyone to know about the salvation He offers.  He openly showed His plan for forgiveness, even to the heathen.  If you have not been thinking this same way, today would be a good day for repentance.


Let’s move to the second step we all need to take after we agree that the whole world needs to hear this message … will we do our part to make that happen?  You might never board a plane or ship to go to a foreign country to reach the “heathen,” but you can help others get there!  We always hear that there are more missionaries returning from the mission-field than there are going as new missionaries.  We often look down on people for not surrendering to go to the mission-field; but I have seen this from a little different perspective.  I see many young families that are surrendered, but struggle to raise the needed support to go!  Do your part, and get involved!


Before I go much further, remember that there are heathen that live in your own town, and that you don’t need to fly, or ride somewhere to meet them.  The question then becomes are you doing all you can to reach those who are without Christ that live in your own area?  You can hand a tract to that stranger you will pass.  You can be friendly and help your neighbor with the idea that after building a relationship you will be able to share the Gospel.  You can visit a lonely person in a hospital with the message of hope.  You can join in a soup-kitchen ministry, or prison ministry, or bus ministry, or ________.  Don’t sit by and let this generation go to Hell!  Do your part!


Missions is not geography, it is people.” – Ted Camp

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