April 4 Devotional

All of us have gotten news that disturbed us.  All of us have gotten word that an enemy has a plan to do something to hurt us.  All of us have faced problems that were far bigger than the resources we have had to fight the problem.  Today I was reading about the king of Judah and a challenge that he faced from the countries of Ammon and Moab.  What he did first, is what I believe we all ought to do when facing a problem.  “And Jehoshaphat feared, and set himself to seek the LORD, and proclaimed a fast throughout all Judah” (II Chronicles 20:3).  His first reaction was to see the Lord.  What good advice that is for any of us facing hard situations.  We ought to run first to God and then wait for His solution for our problem.


I believe there is one key to this that is very important.  We cannot make this a “9-1-1 call” to God.  God desires an ongoing, daily relationship with us.  One of the reasons for this devotional is to give you a time each day when you stop looking at all the problems around you, and look directly into the face of God.  He is the answer to the problems and worries of our lives.  It is His face we ought to seek when things get tough.  Jehoshaphat not only sought the face of God, but obeyed exactly what God told him to do.  God promised him that he would not need to fight on this day that He would take care of the enemy.  I wonder how many times God would have fought for us if we would have totally depended on Him for the victory?  I wonder how many defeats we have experienced that were totally unnecessary if we had just yielded to His control.


Later in this same chapter there is a description of the army of Judah approaching the place where the enemy was gathered, only to find them all dead and with great riches laying with them!  God did it again … He has a way of conquering the enemies in our lives that we could never imagine every being defeated.  He also did it without the help of King Jehoshaphat, or any of his well-trained, but highly outnumbered soldiers.  There is a lesson for each of us to remember … God is enough all by Himself.  He does not need us, but we desperately need Him.  Lean on Him today.  Trust Him fully for the answers to today’s questions.  Don’t try to fight the battles today all alone.  Walk with Him intimately today.  Talk with Him about your challenges.  Trust His almighty hand to come through for you, exactly when you need Him!  Trust God for the challenges you face today!


When you can’t see the hand of God … look for the heart of God.” – Unknown

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  1. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    Amen ! Thank you for the reminder as at times it’s not that easy to do. Although is the best way to go!
    Blessings, Sharon

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