April 26 Devotional

We often flatter ourselves by thinking that God somehow needs us.  The reality is that God is able to do whatever He likes with or without us.  The truth is that God has accomplished many things in my life in spite of me, not because of me.  I can recall many times when I asked God to give me something, or do something that later I realized was exactly the opposite of what I actually needed.  God is so good to us to give us what He thinks is best.  John the Baptist said it this way: “Bring forth therefore fruits worthy of repentance, and begin not to say within yourselves, ‘We have Abraham to our father:’ for I say unto you, ‘That God is able of these stones to raise up children unto Abraham’” (Luke 3:8).


The Jews of John the Baptist’s time were so confident in their heritage that they considered themselves something special when compared to the rest of the people on the earth.  I would love to look down on them, but I am guilty of the same thing most days.  I like to think that my opinions are the only correct ones.  I also think that everyone ought to like the same things I like; rout for the same teams I like; enjoy the same kinds of food I enjoy; and generally allow the world to revolve around me.  I can’t understand why the rest of you won’t get with the program!


The bottom line is that God was and is completely capable of choosing any people group to carry His message to the lost world.  I have found that others don’t need to agree with me to receive God’s blessings.  I have also learned that if I refuse to serve God, He will use others to serve Him totally without my help, or advice!  It amazes me that God can use people who think differently than me, but He does.  The most important thing that I learn from this passage is that I want to be used of God more than anything.  I don’t want God to give that blessing to a rock.  It is not something I like to admit, but I realize that God is still not dependant upon me today to do anything.


God can reach the lost world any way He desires, but I praise God, He has chosen to allow me to be a part of the process of reaching this world for Him!  What a great honor we have today to be a part of His Divine plan for this world!  As you finish reading this today, thank God along with me that even though He does not need us, He has chosen to use us.  What a great privilege to serve the God of eternity past and future!  There is no greater joy than to stand for God where we go today!


God can do extraordinary things with ordinary people.” – Ted Camp