April 20 Devotional

When Jesus was being led up Calvary’s hill to be crucified, He fell beneath the weight of the cross.  The soldiers compelled a man named Simon to help carry the cross.  “And they compel one Simon a Cyrenian, who passed by, coming out of the country, the father of Alexander and Rufus, to bear His cross” (Mark 15:21).  This man was a Cyrenian who was probably in Jerusalem for the Passover festivities that were about to take place.  An innocent by-stander, minding his own business … asked to help carry the cross of Jesus.  Imagine his horror, as he shouldered the cross and saw the blood of Jesus all over his own clothing, and I am sure, on him as well.  He had no idea that the very blood that would free all mankind (who call upon the name of Jesus) from their sins!  He had no idea that this was the blood from the Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the world!  Here was a common man, from another country, who was “volunteering” to help carry the cross of the Son of Almighty God!


As far as we know, Simon did not know about Jesus.  He was obviously visiting in Jerusalem, as many Jews would do to commemorate the Passover.  He was placed in the position of giving help to Jesus Christ in His time of need.  What he might not have initially realized was the fact that Jesus was about to give His life up for his sins, and the sins of his sons, and for whosoever will …  The mention of these sons names in particular leads me to believe that they were known of the apostles.  As a matter of fact, Paul mentioned a man named Rufus in Romans 16:13 with very kind words.  I’m not sure if he is the same man that was Simon’s son, but it made me think about the impact this contact with Jesus would have, not only on Simon, but also on these two sons of his.  When a person meets Jesus Christ, it will make a difference.  What difference has it made in your life?  Can others tell that you have had an intimate encounter with Jesus Christ?  Can your friends and family see the difference He makes?  Can those co-workers and fellow students see a difference in you?  The question for today is simply this; can other people tell that you spend time with Jesus Christ?  If you do, it will show up in your language, attitude, and heart for lost people, in your habits, and in how you serve Him.  If you know Jesus as your Savior, but are not surrendering to Him as the Lord of your life, you are missing out on a tremendous blessing!  Why not stop what you are doing right now and give God permission to rule your life?  It will be a great decision today!


Be willing to come up and out of your comfort zone.” – Unknown