April 18 Devotional

Think for a moment about how much time you waste in a normal day.  There can be quite a lot of “down time” if we are not careful.  We look at our day and think about the things we would like to accomplish.  We then begin to attack those challenges, only to be confronted with other options that take our attention away from our original plans.  Before we know it, we have wasted away a whole day.  I believe it is the same in our Christian lives.  We have all had times during a service where God specifically prompted our hearts to accomplish something for Him.  Before we know what has happened, we find that we have wasted away the opportunity, and we have turned our focus onto a totally unrelated area.  This creates a list that seems to grow all the time of “unfinished” tasks.


Jesus made a very strong statement that I believe we all ought to take time to consider today.  He said about the rapture of the church, “Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is” (Mark 13:33).  Jesus was making the point that our time is limited to serve the Lord here on earth.  It is important to do the things that are MOST important, and leave those things that serve only as distractions alone.  I have heard it said before that the enemy of BEST is GOOD.  Be careful today to do the things that are most important for the cause of Christ before you waste your time on things that will not last for eternity.


Think about the things you are planning to do today.  If you accomplished all of those things, how much of a difference will it make in eternity?  If you don’t accomplish those goals, how many other people will be affected for eternity?  If you do not have plans to make an eternal difference for someone today, consider changing your plans.  If you have plans that will affect someone else’s eternity, don’t let anyone pull you away from the completion of those goals.  Have a bull-headedness that will keep you on the mark until you complete whatever it is that God touched your heart with.  Others may tell you that you are foolish to pursue that goal … if you know that God touched your heart to do it, don’t let anyone pull you away from it.  There is a day coming when the trumpet will sound, and all our earthly efforts will be done.  Don’t waste a minute today.  Do all that God has touched your heart to do while you have the chance.  Share your faith; read your Bible; teach that class; sing for the Lord; go on visitation; volunteer for the nursery; visit a shut-in; learn Sign Language … Do it now!


Your lifetime is just a hyphen on a tombstone.” – Unknown