April 13 Devotional

And many charged him [blind man named Bartimaeus] that he should hold his peace: but he cried the more a great deal, ‘Thou son of David, have mercy on me’” (Mark 10:48).  I love that one line in this verse, “… but he cried the more a great deal …”  He was not slowed down by the people who told him not to bother Jesus.  He did not hesitate, or lower his voice, or even stop altogether … he simply cried out more and more and louder and louder!  I wish I had that kind of staying power in my prayer life!  How many times have we asked the Lord for something once, and when we did not get it, we gave up and forgot about it?  How many times have we not even bothered to pray about something, thinking that the Lord surely would not answer us?


This man asked for the impossible to be done!  This man was blind and was asking that his sight be restored!  Everyone knows that can’t happen … unless Jesus gets involved!  Our God is capable of so much more than we believe He can do.  After all, the God-head had made the eyes of this blind man.  They knew all the intricate things that our modern day scientists are just now discovering with all their new and modern technology.  Jesus Christ stood directly in front of this man and represented the answer to the longing of his heart for most of his life.  When others told him to remain quiet, he just raised the volume level a little higher and started crying out a little more often!  What a great example this man is for us today.  The reason was that the answer to his problem had just arrived on the scene and he was not going to miss his opportunity!


Regardless of how much people around you try to deny the awesome power of your God, don’t listen!  As much as people tell you that prayer is a waste of time … that religion is simply a mental crutch … that the Bible is full of stories that are nothing more than myths written long ago … that fellowshipping in church with other believers is not necessary to spiritual growth … etc., keep crying out to the Master of this universe.  He will never fail you.  As the skeptics around you increase, allow your faith in your never-failing God to increase as well.  Remember, the cynics that were near this blind man went home just like they had come … in unbelief.  He went home and saw him family for the first time!  He experienced the joy of not giving up and seeing God do miraculous things!  He had a story to tell for the rest of his life.  What about you and me today?


Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.” – Peter Marshall