April 11 Devotional

Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, ‘The LORD hath done great things for them’” (Psalm 126:2).  Sometimes when I am driving down the road, I like to look at the faces of the people driving toward me.  I have noticed that there are not very many smiles, or even friendly looking faces.  There is an abundance of gloom and despair on faces.  We are living in a world that does not have much to smile about.  There is constant news of killings, financial ruin, health issues, and troubles beyond our ability to handle.  But, for the Christian, we have hope!  When was the last time your smiling face made a difference for someone without hope?  As a Christian, God expects that we will show the joy of the Lord so that others outside of Christ will want what we have.  I have seen many Christians who look like they are drinking the juice out of the dill pickle jar.  When you ask some believers how they are doing, you must give them a half hour for them to list all their aches, pains and problems.  That should not be our testimony.


The psalmist here mentioned that people noticed their laughter and immediately connected that to the blessings of the LORD.  If that is true, doesn’t it make sense that the opposite is true as well?  Doesn’t it make sense that if we are constantly depressed, and dwell always on the negative things that are happening around us we are a bad testimony to the goodness of the Lord?  God has done so many wonderful things for us that we ought to dwell on those things rather than the challenges we are facing on a regular basis.  Each of us faces difficulties.  Each of us has problems.  Each of us struggles in area’s of our lives.  But each one who believes in Jesus Christ for their forgiveness of sin has a joy that is far deeper than the problems we are facing.


It is important that we each realize that our faces and our countenances are a billboard advertisement for what God is doing in our heart and life.  When you give a smile to a person today, you are telling them that you have something they ought to desire to have in their life.  When you join them with a gloom and doom face, you are telling them that they are right … there is no hope.  You ought to thank God today that you are alive with the hope you have in Him.  There are unending possibilities of people you can touch today if you will keep the right attitude and laugh a little.  You might be the only person that will have a smile on all day long.  Use it well!


Ninety percent of this game is half mental.” – Yogi Berra