July 16 Devotional

I am my beloved’s, and his desire is toward me” (Song of Solomon 7:10).  This is the cry of a person in love with another.  The book of Song of Solomon is a collection of “love letters” that have been shared with us.  They are the songs of two people in love, but they reflect the love God has for us, and the love we ought to return to Him.  This simple verse really touched my heart today.  There are two glorious thoughts contained in this one short verse.


The first thought is that I belong to someone who loves me.  I am constantly amazed that God has chosen to love me.  I am especially amazed because I know who I am.  I know all my faults and weaknesses and failures.  When my wife and I became engaged to be married, we waited one year and eleven months to our wedding day.  We did that because we were poor and in college still, but it was one of the best things we could have done.  That original infatuation period came and went.  We were able to see all the “real” things that we might have hidden if we were only engaged for a short time.  I am thankful that even though God knows me better than I know myself, He has chosen to love me still!  I am amazed and thankful that “I am my Beloved’s!”


The second wonderful part of this verse is that “His desire is toward me.”  This goes beyond God’s choice to love me.  This actually means that God has a longing for me.  When I am away from my wife for any time at all, I am thinking about what she is doing, where she is, when I will get to see her next, and if she is safe.  My body may be separated from her, but my heart always has a longing for her.  We may be apart in a physical sense, but our hearts are knit together in love regardless of where we are physically.  In the same way, God has me on His heart all day long!  He is thinking about me; protecting me; guiding me; guarding me; placing things in my path that are designed to help me; He has a desire for me!


Now, I would be horribly negligent if all I talked about was God’s love for me.  I also have a responsibility to return His love to Him.  I am His, but He is mine too!  I want to tell the world about the One Who has loved me enough to give me forgiveness of sins!  I want to have a desire for Him … a longing for Him that keeps Him always on my heart and mind.  I am never ashamed to talk to others about my wife … I don’t ever want to be ashamed to talk to others about my God!  I love Him … and better still, He loves me!


Love is not love until you give it away.” – Unknown